How It Works

We work on your relationship goals.  You may be single, in a new relationship or in a long term relationship.  You will get research-based, practical, empathetic, and action-oriented guidance.

Relationship Coaching

~Working with individuals on their relationships~

I work with individuals on developing healthy, happy relationships.  I typically work with clients on successful online and offline dating and building healthy, sustainable relationships.  I have worked with clients just coming back to dating, who are in the early stages of a relationship or who want to check in on a long-term relationship.

I can work with you on…

1. strengthening your relationship skills,

2. re-entering the dating world safely and successfully,

3. recognizing barriers and breakthroughs to your relationships, and

4. giving research-based, practical, action-oriented guidance.

My Clients

 “Your coaching was invaluable in reframing the conversation with my husband, allowing us to bring more empathy and compassion to the meeting.”

“It’s a comfort to know that you’ll have my back when I need it.”

 “I feel like this workshop in conjunction with self-evaluation and other changes that I’ve been trying to make will help me break down some of my barriers,  and ultimately allow me to be vulnerable and take chances that are worth taking.”

 “Thanks for your commitment to make happier and healthier relationships!! Always good to see you and get your perspective on things!!”

“Erin is intuitive, articulate and astute. With Erin, you feel heard.  She works with you to develop quick solutions.  She delivers her message clearly, with ease and humor.  You will walk away lighter, knowing you have a plan with a relationship expert on your side.”

“Erin is a thoughtful and insightful consultant.  She always has extensive knowledge on the latest research and therefore she is the go-to person if you are looking for support or advise on relationships, parenting and education.”

Contact Me

For more information, please call me at 207-415-6754 or contact me.